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The Last Projects: Chapter 7 - Jimena de Cruylles

Spanish Designer and Creative Marketing Consultant

I started designing at 14, I remember there was a dress which I saw in a window display that i liked, but there was a slight part of the collar that didn’t convince me, so I decided to try drawing it to fit my exact taste. That incited my curiosity with clothes and fashion magazines, i would read hundreds of Vogue’s, Tatler’s, Vanity Fair’s, you name them, and sketch all day, i think I still have those old sketch books… I was clear I wanted to be a fashion designer and therefore, studied a degree in fashion design at Istituto Marangoni in Milan.


However, my perspective in design changed when I started working in the Milanese brand Etro, with Veronica Etro, the Creative Director of the company. I discovered that there was a whole world to it which was more than just drawing, and which did not stop with the runway show… You had to communicate a vision, market a product and most importantly, sell all of it!"

Jimena de Cruylles is a Creative Consultant based between New York and Europe. At the heart of her work is a sophisticated eye, a true sense of quality and craftsmanship, and a European sensibility that translates beautifully to luxury fashion brands. Her diverse body of work include collection design direction, advertising campaigns, social media campaigns, branding, event & installation design, and video art direction.

Developed - Creative - Vision

¿How did you start your career?

Jimena started her career in Milan working as the right hand of Veronica Etro, the Creative Women’s wear Director of the leading fashion brand Etro. During her four years at the firm, she followed all aspects of the creative process, from concept to execution, and final consumer delivery. After her formative professional years in Milan, Jimena moved to New York to work for Galvan London as their Creative Marketing Manager, where she led their global growth strategy and supervised the creative content of the brands marketing initiatives. Currently, Jimena is working for David Yurman as a part of their Global Creative and Marketing team where she guides all efforts in the creative development of marketing campaigns and 360 brand experiences. Jimena’s role includes translating ideas into design executions that help to build and engage their global audience. At the same time, she continues to inject her storytelling expertise and signature sophisticated style working independently as a consultant for luxury fashion and accessory brands.

¿What is your creative process, what inspires you?

My creative process varies; sometimes a concept sparks from a conversation, others, from a museum, a film, antiques, a street, nature, a trip...Everything that surrounds me can be a source of inspiration. That is when my actual research takes place, and whether we like it or not, the internet is a big tool for it. I take notes and save images. If there are interesting books around the subject, I will buy them. Then I print the material and stick it in big boards. These turn into my inspirational mood boards. The best part of it is that you can use this process for any creative endeavor. The important part is to have a strong core creative vision to ensure that everyone is working holistically towards the same direction.

¿What are some new NYC based

designers which you follow?

Khaite, Mara Hoffman,

Ulla Johnson and

Nili Lotan are some

of my favorites right


Ulla Johnson´s dress

¿How do you then translate products into marketing strategies or campaigns?

For advertising campaigns, it is basic to understand the brands image and identity and portray it in a contemporary and relevant way. Needless to say, the whole team of photographers, models, hair/makeup artists, and producers must work together collectively. The end image and video results are a beautiful team-work effort.

You need a 360-marketing strategy that works across all the different consumer touchpoints; from digital platforms to social media, to events, to retail spaces, and branding activities. For marketing strategies, it is vital to understand what are your goals are? Do you want to increase sales, increase brand awareness or engagement? Where and when? What is the budget?

You live in NY, do you think craftsmanship is valued there?

Right now, it seems like more and more people are recognizing the importance of craftsmanship and “locally made”. One thing the pandemic has taught everyone around the world, is the value of a slower, more thoughtful way of leaving. Since working at Etro, which is a firm that continuously promotes Italian design and artisanship, I have been an advocate of craftsmanship and keeping centuries-old techniques alive.

The collective uncertainty we have experienced may have helped to reshape how we interact with the world around us. Part of that, I think, has involved people turning to the independent, artisanal, and traditional. A great example is the “Made in America” movement, which is highlighted not only in NYC pop-culture and the different independent, NYC based brands which have arisen in the past few years, but also in exhibitions like the current MET museum “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion”.

¿Your guiltiest pleasure or greatest extravagance?

Making and wearing my own flower crowns to weddings and parties.

1. #THELAST ¿3 words that define your taste?

Jimena: Colorful, Eclectic & Bold + a cloth tote bag

2. #THELAST ¿Museum you visited that inspired you?

Jimena: The annual Armory Show in NYC and The Mignone Halls of Gems and Minerals permanent exhibition at The Natural history Museum of NYC.

3. Favourite piece of #THELAST?

Jimena: The Mexican Jacket - Black

4. #THELAST ¿three books you have read?


  • A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles: He is also, Barack Obama’s favorite writer!

  • I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes: Longest book I have red yet the quickest time it took me to read it – you can’t stop!

  • After the Funeral by Agatha Christie: She has that truly cleverly paced suspenseful style which is worthy of reading at least once in your life.

5. #THELAST ¿yummy/fun restaurants you have been to in NYC?

  • I Sodi : Tuscan style restaurant in the West village, best Pappardelle al Limone…

  • The Pandering Pig in Harlem : French dishes with a Northern California mix and an amazing chicken broth soup.


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