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The Last Projects: Chapter 6 - Alessandra Risi Castoldi

Cabbage Patchxgirl x Alessandra Risi Castoldi

A few weeks ago, in the city of Lima. We met with this young talent, Alessandra Risi Castoldi or better known as Cabbage Patchxgirl. A Peruvian visual artist who works in different art disciplines.



Why Cabbage Patchxgirl? Where does the name come from?

Cabbage_patchxgirl was born in a video performance project. A character appeared with an air of the 80s and 90s, this character refers to the idea of a cabbage doll and plays with the idea of being my young mother's doll and vice versa. - Alessandra

How would you define the style and technique of your art?

A difficult question, but I could say that it is a loose and everyday painting with a lot of movement that relates a continuous diary of life. - Alessandra

What connection do you have with your art?

The strongest connection with art is memory, and the way to capture infinite possibilities. - Alessandra

Who is your muse of inspiration?

"Bice" Beatrice , the spontaneity in how she does things with a feminine characteristic. From her I take the idea of performance in a spontaneous way and get into different created characters. - Alessandra

Why is it important to show your process and your studio space?

I think the best way to see my art is through people, each one is a different mirror that projects my paintings. - Alessandra

What would you recommend to new Latin American artists?

I would recommend to new Latin American artists, to be deeply honest with their work and to travel a lot, traveling opens your eyes to different points of view. - Alessandra


1.If you had to choose only 3 garments/accessories from #THELAST to wear at any time of the year, what would they be?

Alessandra: Mexican mini bag yellow - Berenjena Hoops - The last classic Cap.

2. #THELAST song that inspired you?

Alessandra: Song “Cosas que no se ven” by the Peruvian artist: Nuria Saba.

3. #THELAST Deco/ Art pieces you bought?

Alessandra: The Last deco object I bought was a Vico Magistretti lamp.

4. A fashion piece that you love?

Alessandra: My Favorite piece is “The Playground Jeans”by the Peruvian designer Sophia Lerner.

5. #THELAST 3 trends you would never wear?

Alessandra: Unacceptable trends: Shorts in the city, long nails, skirt without pantyhose.

6. What do you think about timeless and vintage pieces?

Alessandra: Vintage pieces have the magic of sending you back in time, and knowing how to combine them with contemporary objects is ideal.

7. #THELAST 3 things you never forget to carry in your bag?

Alessandra: I have always in my bag: Vintage film camera, Rouje red lipstick and vintage mini purse.

8. Describe your personality in 3 words.

Alessandra: Chic, romantic, happy.

9. Which artist do you recommend us to follow?

Alessandra: Artist that you must look up is Sylvia Fernandez.

10. A trip that has inspired you in your most recent works?

Alessandra: My last trip: summer in Italy.


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Written by Thais Uccelli



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