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The Last Projects: Chapter 5 - Luia Corsini

Luia Corsini

Luia is an Italian-American artist, born in 1994 NYC. Her connection to art was cultivated in Rome, Italy while raising a taste for nature and culture. Later she moved to the Swiss Alps, an environment surrounded by natural spaces that made her want to study Fine Arts at the New York University in NYC sculpture to later switch to painting. Luia has a traveling soul, after graduating she decided to get to know in detail the Catalan Culture in Barcelona in search of inspiration.

Today she can be found between Malibu, Mexico City, a series of exhibitions of her work or painting colorful pieces in one of her two Art Studios.



When did you start creating art?

Luia explains that her work is called "The Grid" a sequence that plays with geometry, exploring techniques through form and color.

All this thanks to six years of learning, curiosity, culture and experiences that make "The Grid" an extension of her life, her history and her visions.

Her personal project began in New York City, while exploring tape techniques on a canvas. She pursued the perfection of geometric shapes and accidentally created a sequence between color and form.

How does your inspiration come from?

Her inspiration comes from living in a creative environment, not being encapsulated in a specific routine and in a single city. She enjoys interesting activities, meeting new people, cultures, new places, trying new things, having time alone. All these experiences are an enriching resource for the most creative ideas to emerge. Her nomadic lifestyle has taken her to live in Tuscany, Barcelona, Ibiza, NYC, Malibu and now in Mexico City.

She also tells us that she finds inspiration in the colors, energies of nature, from sunsets to water, earth, dry or wet leaves, landscapes, cities, movement and past works of artists such as Pablo Picasso, Agnes Martin, Hilma Klint, Bosco Sodi among others.

What style is your art?
She considers them as abstract, minimalist and contemporary art based on geometric compositions. His ideal is about the viewer questioning the perspective on what is observing.
Capturing the ideas between lines, strokes and the combination of color and spirit.

What connection do you have with your art?

For Luia, the paintings are her personal dialogue with nature. It is the energy of creating, an expression of her vision of the universe. And she tells us that when she started working on "The Grid" while in New York, it was her interpretation of the city.


1. #THELAST 3 words that define your art ?

Luia: Colorful, Insightful & Architectural

2. #THELAST thing you do that inspires your last art piece ?

Luia: Visiting different and iconic architectural buildings in Mexico City.

3. Favourite piece of #THELAST?

Luia: The Guillermo Black Tye Dye Pants

4. #THELAST three books you have read?

  • Great Thinkers: Simple Tools from 60 Great Thinkers to Improve ...

  • Sapiens a brief history of human kind by Yuval Noah Harari

  • Makers of modern architecture by Martin Filler

5. What awaits you this 2022?

Luia: Exploring more techniques with natural dyes in Oaxaca and finishing my architectural series on Mexico City.

6. Where do you consider to find the most creative people?

Luia: A bit everywhere.

7. #THELAST Icon or art account to follow?

Luia: Bosco Sodi @studioboscosodi


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Written by Thais Uccelli


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