Offering authentic storytelling magic pieces.​

The Last is a Slow Fashion - Peruvian lifestyle brand based in Lima.

Created in 2014 by Camila Basurco Tambini.

It offers authentic storytelling – handmade Capsule Collections, including hand-crafted bags & unique special pieces.

A unique combination of heritage and modern spirit design inspired by Camila’s sense of style.

Every piece is handmade by local Peruvian and around the world artisans.

Our collections are a statement of our commitment to the female artisans and to our country: Perú.

It contributes to the empowerment and conservation of exceptional ancestral craftsmanship.

Offering handcrafted pieces infused with Peruvian heritage.


"I tried to join my creative spirit while taking into account my own life, my Latin culture, my experiences, my vision of the world, its history and my own sense.

I opt for what is simple and elegant, trying to transcend through our creations and its designs, representing the style of a free-spirited women".




We are committed to ensuring our women artisans have a safe, comfortable and clean working environment


Artisanship at is best: using indigenous techniques that have been passed down through the generation


Female Empowerment

Our team is made only by women and mothers that with their hands create every piece that we consider a work of art.

Providing them opportunities while keeping traditional craftsmanship alive.

THE LAST - © 2019


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